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If you're new to axe throwing, take a look at some of our FAQs below for more information!

What are your hours of operation?


Monday & Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday & Thursday- 5pm-10pm
Friday - 3pm-10pm
Saturday - Noon-10pm
Sunday- Noon-7pm

I'm new. What do I need to know?


Welcome! All you have to do is make a reservation online and complete the waiver before you come in. Closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED. When you arrive, we'll get you checked in. You can enjoy our bar area while you wait for your bay to open up. Once we're ready, your axe coach will guide you to the throwing area and spend the first 10-20 minutes on axe safety and basic throwing techniques. A server will come by to take your orders for food and drink! The rest of your time is spent playing games and having fun!

Can I wear sandals, open-toed, or open-arch shoes while throwing axes?


No, our safety policy requires closed-toed shoes in the throwing area. There is splintered wood in the axe bays, and also, our hatchets are sharp!

Do you serve food?


Yes! Check out our current menu online.

Can I bring my own food and beverage to Primal Axe House?


No, we serve food in our facility. It is against state and local health department guidelines to bring outside food into our facility. In addition, BYO for alcohol is not legal in the state of Colorado.

Do you serve alcohol?


Yes. Primal has a full menu of specialty cocktails made from local spirits, local craft beer on tap, Colorado ciders, and wine.

How can axe throwing and alcohol be a good idea?


Frankly, it’s a great idea when done responsibly! We reserve the right to cut off anyone if they appear to be overserved before they come in or during their throwing time.

Is there an age minimum to throw axes at Primal Axe house?


Yes, the age minimum to throw axes is eight years old, as long as they can safely hold and throw an axe and abide by our safety rules. Anyone under 18, must have a parent or guardian present, and they must sign the liability waiver for each underage participant.

Do I need a reservation?


Reservations are recommended to guarantee your start time and space. You can walk in with groups of up to 10 people, but you may have to wait to throw.

Does everyone need a waiver?


Yes! Every person who will be throwing and observing needs a waiver. We recommend signing waivers online before you arrive so it doesn't interfere with your throwing time.

Can I reserve the entire facility for an event?


Yes! Just give us a call, and we will work out the timing and other details. The only exception is during league time or scheduled tournaments.

Is Primal Axe House part of any axe throwing organizations?


Yes, we are a member in good standing with the World Axe Throwing League.

Is it difficult to hit the target with the axe for new throwers?


Not really. After some good instruction and a little practice, most people can stick the target! We cannot guarantee you'll hit the bullseye or the kill shot, though.

Is axe throwing safe?


Yes! Our axe coaches are trained to ensure all participants are safe, so if you follow our instructions, you will have a great time in a safe environment.

How much does it cost to throw?


One hour of axe or knife throwing is $27/person, and two hours is $46/person. If doing a combination of axe and knife throwing, add $5/person. Groups greater than 20 people receive a large group rate reflecting ~17% discount, which is $35/person to $38/person for two hours. Our full facility rental is available. Contact us for rates.

Are there age restrictions for knife throwing?


Yes, you need to be 18 years of age or older to throw knives.

What type of knives can I throw?


Our rental knives are included with your knife-throwing fee. We offer Cold Steel throwing knives with points only and blunted edges. We do not offer live-edge rental knives. You may bring your own knives, but they must be an actual throwing knife (no hunting knives, swords, fishing, camping, or multi-purpose knives shall be thrown), and you must demonstrate adequate throwing competency to one of our coaches before we will allow you to throw a live-edge knife in our facility.

Do you sell throwing knives and axes?


Yes. Primal Axe House is a master distributor of Cold Steel throwing knives and hatchets.

Is it difficult to make a throwing knife stick?


Knife throwing takes a little practice, but with some coaching, the average thrower can make the knife stick in their first session. Knives do not need to be thrown hard to stick and overthrowing will not be permitted at Primal Axe House.

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